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Tennis is one of the most well-known sports around the world, and every year, many young people choose to compete at the highest level. Like all other sports, tennis is incredibly challenging and demands a lot of commitment, time, and patience. When you enroll in tennis lessons in Singapore and train with a coach, your improvement opportunities increase dramatically. TM Tennis Academy Singapore is one of the top tennis academies in the region. They provide a range of tennis lessons at affordable prices, including classes for kids, groups, individuals, and corporations.

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As an aspiring tennis player, you must make sure that you improve every day if you want to play tennis at its best. Tennis at the professional level is challenging and demanding. Therefore there are many things you need to do to enhance your game. If you are lax, you will inevitably stay caught up. In this post, we’ll provide advice on how to boost your game and become better over time so you can trounce your opponents.

Be ready for the upcoming shot

After making a successful shot, always ensure you are ready to take the next one. Recovery is preparing for the next shot and choosing its power and course in seconds. Once you’ve recovered from the last shot, you’ll be ready to fire the next one more expertly. You may need to play 30 to 40 strokes with the ball still in the rally, but you must remain consistent until you win the point.

Practice as much as you can

Practice makes a man perfect, and this is true in tennis as well. You can learn the necessary skills rapidly if you enroll in a tennis school and practice them with a coach. Discussing your weaknesses with your instructor and practicing frequently will help you turn them into strengths. If you are looking for a qualified coach in Singapore, look no further than TM Tennis Academy Singapore. Here you will find highly skilled and experienced coaches. When you start participating in professional competitions and games in the future, this will be very advantageous to you. You will reap the benefits of every minute you spend working on your skills throughout these tennis lessons in Singapore.

Improve your fitness

Tennis requires the same high levels of physical fitness as every other sport. Due to the extended rallies and the player’s need to go across a sizable area of the court due to the tennis courts’ larger size, tennis demands a great deal of physical fitness. Most tennis academies provide modern fitness centers with the equipment you can use to stay fit and healthy. Ask your trainer for advice on the exercises that will improve your games. It will help you strengthen the body components used the most throughout tennis tournaments, such as your arms and legs.

Improve each poor shot by working on it

Many players lack confidence in particular serves or shots and are constantly worried they will lose a point if they play that unique shot. The top coaches suggest enhancing any specific shot type rather than avoiding it. This will eliminate your hesitancy and make your opponent more nervous as he watches you play different shots. Thus, you should experiment with various shots while practicing your game during tennis lessons.

Dominate the rally from the opening shot

Even when you are nervous, maintain control during the rally since anything less will make your opponent doubt you. Exaggerate your take to the point where your opponent becomes apprehensive and lacks motivation, which will prevent him from being able to perform his strokes precisely. This is an essential lesson since professional and amateur players differ in their ability to remain upbeat and confident. If you control the game from the opening shot, it will shake your opponent’s confidence.

Drink and eat between changeovers

According to tennis professionals, amateur athletes don’t maintain their nutrition and don’t eat or drink continuously throughout a game. However, if you watch the pros, you’ll notice that they drink water and a sports drink at each changeover while munching on a small piece of a Clif Bar. This keeps their energy levels high throughout the game. To succeed, you need to be hydrated and energetic. Therefore, to stay active throughout the rally, you must remain hydrated between the changeovers.

Reduce the speed of your service

Tennis’ most crucial shot is the service, but most young tennis players focus solely on it at the expense of their other shots. Most amateurs attempt to hit serves as hard as they can, at 100 percent velocity. However, for tennis professionals, speed and placement account for 80%. They stay prepared for their first shot. Thus, it would be better for you to concentrate more on accuracy when serving, treating any different pace or spin as a bonus.

Youtube yourself

Lastly, ask a friend to record a video of you using your smartphone while on the court. You might be shocked by how many elements in your play you see that need to be updated or tweaked after watching the clip. There are various things that trainees can observe with untrained eyes. It can make you understand that you are standing in the wrong spot or that your shots should be shorter or longer. Video analysis plays a significant role in improving your game while you take your tennis lessons in Singapore.


The TM Tennis Academy Singapore staff consists of both privately hired and professionally licensed Singapore tennis instructors. Our skilled tennis teachers have a vast amount of coaching expertise and are passionate about the sport. They have participated in professional competitions and instruction for years across the globe. We offer the most outstanding tennis lessons in Singapore and training, whether you’re motivated to improve your tennis skills or aim for challenging competitive games, workplace recreational activities, or team building.

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