Why Tennis?

Why Learn Tennis?

Tennis is a sport that suitable for all ages and genders; anyone and any body can enjoy the sport! Tennis is a good sport for maintaining health, fitness, strength and agility. It also has social and psychological benefits. You can play with a club or with friends and family as a social activity. 

Just like swimming and badminton, Tennis is getting more and more popular among Singaporeans. By playing tennis, not only one will get physical benefits, but it also leaves you with social benefits. By joining group tennis lessons, one can make friends with people who shares the same interest. Tennis is a non-contact sport; this is why tennis is considered one of the safest ball game amongst all the other contact ball sports like basketball and soccer.

Personal Responsibility

Tennis teaches one responsibility.Tennis is a sport in which you are in complete control over deciding the quality of your performance during the game. Similarly, you are responsible for you own actions in life. One should not let your emotions and feelings be a distraction in achieving your goals.

Mental Benefits

You might not expect to be growing your brain power while playing a heated game of tennis, but in fact, you are! Tennis has been shown to improve critical thinking skills, along with mental alertness and tactical thinking. It does so by forcing your brain to make certain connections. As it is both a physical and psychological game, squaring off against an opponent will boost serotonin, an important brain chemical that has been linked to sleep cycle, emotional wellbeing, and appetite.

Life-time Sports

Tennis is suitable for all age groups, from students to working adults and even when you are above 65 years old (while withdrawing your CPF funds!). It is a sport that can be played and enjoyed easily with friends of all ages and all fitness levels! It is a social sport that’ll get you out hanging and interacting with other people. The time spent bonding over a game of tennis is very physical and physiologically rewarding.

Improve Agility, Flexibility and Balance

Tennis is one of the many sports where players are required to constantly run back and forth along the court, and you won’t even notice all of the exercise you’re getting as you are only focusing on one thing – hitting and returning the ball! You use so many different muscle groups when playing tennis – from your upper-body to your lower-body. By playing tennis on a regular basis, you will also notice an improvement in both agility and flexibility.

Health Benefits of Playing Tennis

Some Of The Incredible Health Benefits Of Playing Tennis Includes

Lowers Blood Pressure

For individuals who are suffering from high blood pressure or resting heart rate, playing tennis can be a great activity to go with. Tennis is a sport that is highly regarded to be really helpful in lowering blood pressure and improving resting heart rate. It helps in regulating blood pressure and providing better cardiac stability.

Improves Metabolic Activity

Tennis is also great for the improving metabolic activity. It speeds up the metabolic reactions in our body. Besides that, playing tennis also helps in improving food digestion and blood circulation.

Lowers Body Fat

A huge number of people in Singapore is suffering from diseases caused by high body fat. If you are looking to lose some body fat, then tennis is for sure a good recommendation. Playing tennis will speed up the metabolic reactions of your body and help in faster fat burning. Playing tennis is certainly a sport that can actually help one stay in shape and maintain good body posture.

Improves Muscle Tone

Playing tennis regularly hassignificant effects on your muscle tone. Tennis helps improve your muscle tone and maintain the shape of your muscles. It will help in improving weak and joints pains.

Adds Muscle Strength and Flexibility

Not only does tennis improve your muscle tone,it also adds strength to your muscles. You feel physically more active by playing tennis regularly as compared to a non-tennis player. Also, it adds flexibility to your muscles, making movements easier for you.

Help Reduce Stress

Tennis is considered helpful in stress reduction as it keeps your body and minds busy focusing on the game. A good game of tennis relieves stress, improves memory and sleep, boosting one’s overall mood.
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