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Guide on Tennis Rackets

Guide on Tennis Rackets – Buying tennis rackets can be overwhelming based on various options available. Increasing popularity has also led to the industrial production of tennis gear. You can find well-known brands like Dunlop, Yonex, Wilson, and more. These big brands aim to provide classic yet innovative tennis gear for better performance. 

New academies are also emerging in Singapore, like TM Tennis Academy. If you have already enrolled for private classes in Singapore, you must be daydreaming about winning a tough tennis match, holding up your racket as a sign of victory. All this can become true with the right Tennis coach, consistently attending private classes in Singapore, and strong willpower. To fully enjoy the perks of playing tennis, you need to get the correct type of tennis racquet for yourself. 

WHat Type of Tennis Player Are you?

Knowing your tennis skills is vital before jumping into perfect tennis rackets. A tennis racquet should be chosen according to your swing style. There are prominently two main categories of playstyle; Offensive play style and Defensive play style. Let’s learn about some of the different types of tennis players.

The Aggressive Baseliner:

This is an offensive play style popular among modern tennis players. They have solid and clear baseline shots, moving their opponents around the court. Powerful forehand and backhand strokes are their strength. Although, it can cause massive fatigue due to hard-hitting.

Serve and Volleyer

This offensive play style is now becoming extinct. But it was popular among 20th-century tennis players. Your tennis coach will tell you better about those days. This offensive play style involved strong serve and aiming for volley shots near the net.

The Counter-Puncher

This is a defensive playstyle that aims at chasing down all the shots. With the ability to move around the court, they will maximize hitting and wait for an error from the opponent.

All-Court Player

Other playstyle players are confined to being comfortable in a specific area. In contrast, this type is an all-rounder. An All-Court player has solid footwork, speed, and control over different shots.

The Pusher

This player is solely a defensive player. He will “play safe” in just hitting the ball, waiting for you to make a mistake. His play area is in the middle of the court.

Why Should You Know about Tennis Racket Types?

Tennis rackets should assist a tennis player’s playing style. Different tennis racquets are designed for specific shot strategies. Did you find your playstyle in the types mentioned earlier? Every tennis player is unique in terms of swing style and strengths. If you choose a beginner racket to play like an aggressive baseliner, your performance will be affected adversely!

You will end up losing the game. And that is the least you want in your tennis match. For better knowledge and skill assessment, implore your tennis coach about the type of racket that will suit you the best. One of the perks of learning from Academies like TM Tennis Academy is that you get to experience all different swing styles. This way, you will discover which playstyle comes more naturally to you. 

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Tennis Rackets

Different Types of Rackets and Their Objectives:

Now, let’s dig into the kinds of tennis racquets available. The categorization of racquets is based on swing style, i.e., slow, fast, or moderate.

  1. Power Racquets: Power racquets are ideal for tennis beginners, sometimes called improvement rackets. As the name indicates, these rackets help achieve powerful strokes. A newbie tennis player usually has shorter strokes leading to less powerful hits. A tennis player needs to know the need for force adjustment during the shots. You don’t need to hit hard at every stroke. A player will learn with practice with these ‘’improvement rackets’’. You will most likely start with power racquets in your private classes in Singapore. Although, these are not ideal if you are looking to improve control.
    Design: Power rackets are long and stiff. They have a bigger head size and a more prominent sweet spot for the perfect hit.
  2. Control Racquets:  Control rackets are designed to improve swing control and strokes. They are suitable for intermediate or expert-level players. Using this racket, a player has to put less power and focus more on the hit, improving speed and full swing.
    Design:  Control rackets have smaller head sizes, thus lesser power. They are built with flexible frames. They are heavier in construction. Therefore, they can cause early fatigue with more extended usage. 
  3. Tweener Racquets:  Although the name isn’t so attractive, they are great rackets for balancing power and control. These are suitable for all-level players. These are also great for recreational tennis players but not for advanced tennis players.
    Design:  Tweener racquets have a versatile frame with an excellent sweet spot. As they are lightweight rackets, they have good controllability and can provide topspin performance.
  4. Modern Racquets:  As the name suggests, modern rackets are an advanced version of traditional ones. It blends all the best specs you can have for a tennis racket. But these are more suitable for advanced-level players. Design: These are heavier and stiffer, with larger head sizes than other racket types. Thus, a player with some experience is better at handling Modern racquets. These design elements make modern racquets best for increased power hits and spin potential. 
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Try to experiment with all different tennis rackets to know about your potential. With the correct racket, you can perform ardently. If you are not sure about it on your own, take private tennis classes in Singapore or join an academy like TM Tennis Academy. A tennis coach will help you define your swing style and a sustainable racket type. 

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