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Choosing the right tennis ball for your game

Looking for the best tennis ball to start your tennis journey but unsure which tennis ball to choose? Then fret no more! As we at the TM Tennis Academy not only teach you how to play this game but also enlighten you about how to choose the best equipment that is needed to play this game.

To a naked eye, almost all the tennis balls would appear to be similar. However, you would be astonished to know that there are different types of tennis balls which are used for different purposes. On a general note, almost all the tennis balls are produced out of two materials which are felt and rubber. The speed, durability and the ability to bounce can all be altered with the rubber and the felt.

Different balls will perform differently on certain surfaces, which means that a few balls would be good for professional players, while the normal ones would be suitable for beginners or learners.

Picking up the right tennis ball for you that would suit your needs and requirements is a daunting task. However, we at the TM Tennis Academy have saved you from the hassle and would help you in choosing the right tennis ball for you.

Below we have reviewed the most commonly available and widely used tennis balls for your ease:


Transition Tennis Balls:

These training or transition tennis balls have been carefully made for young tennis players, who are still in the learning phase. These balls are easy to play with, which is ideal for the beginners or young players, as it gives them an opportunity to learn and work on their tennis playing skills, such as following the ball, making contact with it, and finally hitting it to swing. There balls are divided into three sub-categories, which are decided upon the age and aptitude of the player.

Red Tennis Ball:


Red tennis balls are the primary level tennis balls for beginners. These balls have been specifically designed for players who are under 8 years of age. Such balls have been designed to be depressurized so that they can bounce 75% lower than regular tennis balls.

Orange Tennis Ball:

The orange tennis balls are perfect for young players of 9-10 years. In order to be age and aptitude appropriate, the orange tennis balls are designed to have a low compression so that they can bounce about 50% less than a regular tennis ball would.

Green Tennis Ball:

The green tennis balls are for the young players. It is the final step before the young players can begin playing with the regular tennis ball. Such green tennis balls have been designed for young players who are 11 years of age. This green tennis ball bounces 25% lower than a regular tennis ball.


Open US Tennis Ball:

The Open US Tennis Ball is the perfect fit for high level tennis performance. This tennis ball is famous for premium high grade felt which ensures a smooth flight of the tennis ball. If you are an intermediate or at the borderline of advanced players then this ball is the right fit for you.


If you are someone who believes in recycling then this ball is the best pick for you. Triniti tennis balls are packed in a recyclable covering. The formulation is very smooth as well, as it comes with a plastomer core, making it four times smoother to touch as compared to other tennis balls. As for the performance, it delivers excellent performance on almost all kinds of surfaces. So if you are a player who is eco-conscious, and belongs to any level of tennis skills, then this is the best pick for you.

Roger Federer Tennis Ball:

As the name suggests, this premium tennis ball has been designed by the legend, Roger Federer itself.  This tennis ball is designed to deliver a swift flight, and incorporates a unique felt which makes it a versatile tennis ball that gives immaculate performance on all surfaces.

The packaging of this ball is very unique as well as it incorporates a letter from Roger Federer himself. If you are a professional player or even someone who loves Roger Federer, then this tennis ball is the right pick for you.

Champion Ball:

This tennis Ball is the perfect fit for recreational playing. The felt of this tennis ball is extremely durable even on the roughest courts. So if you like to play solid, rough tennis, then this tennis ball is the best option for you.

If we take into consideration the perspective of a manufacturer, different types and brands aid them in setting the price tiers. However, for buyers, your best pick may be relative to what is the worst pick of someone else, which means what you like the best would not suit someone else’s requirements.

You would be stunned to know that mostly beginners do not notice any differences in playing with tennis balls. It takes experience and knowledge to differentiate between different types of tennis balls. On a general note, various players may agree on superiority of one kind of ball and prefer them over others, based on their own comfort.

It is important to note that selecting a good type of ball ensures consistency and affects your performance on a tennis court.

So it is always a good idea to research all the aspects of a tennis ball before buying it, as tennis is a game where you can get negative points for a compromised performance, so always choose your tennis ball wisely.

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