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Why TM Tennis Academy

Tennis Academy Singapore

TM Tennis Academy offers private tennis lessons for all levels of players regardless of age and gender.

TM Tennis Academy Singapore is founded by a group of professionally certified, passionate full-time tennis coaches who aim to share their tennis expertise with other tennis lovers.

Through their thoughtfully planned out tennis lessons, they aim to share their tennis knowledge and techniques with other tennis lovers and help them learn tennis insights.

Tennis Lessons Coaches Singapore Experience Certified and Professional

Professional and Certified

TM Tennis Academy tennis coaches are certified by Singapore Tennis Association (STA). In TM Tennis Academy, we believe in inculcating good habits in early stage of tennis learning which is essential to archive higher level of performance.
With proven teaching system, TM Tennis Coaches focuses on having solid fundamental based on strokes, footwork, and work ethic.

Private Tennis Lessons Singapore Affordable Court Booking Service


TM Tennis Academy Singapore tennis lesson are professional yet affordable. We offer a variety of affordable tennis lessons like pair and group tennis lessons to encourage more players to pick up the sport. Chat with our friendly coaches to find out more about our Tennis lesson packages.

Amazing Tennis Drills Custom Tennis Lessons Plan Singapore

Custom Tennis Lesson Plan

TM Tennis Academy accredited tennis lesson plans combines rigorous training drills with personalized learning options to students a truly custom-fit training programme.

The custom-fit tennis training programme ensures students has a strong foundation to achieve higher level of tennis playing.

Passionate Tennis Coaches TM Tennis Academy


With many years of experience playing and coaching tennis professionally, TM Tennis Academy Singapore coaches have gained valuable experience in mastering the art and techniques of the sport.

Our coaches take pride in helping others master the sport. Their years of experience in tennis coaching enables their students to understand and pick up tennis easily right from the start. The coaches aim to help their learners gain maximum knowledge and satisfaction through the tennis lessons.

Diverse Variety of Tennis Lessons Singapore

We Offer Variety

In TM Tennis Academy, we offer various tennis lesson plans including private tennis lessons, pair tennis lessons, group tennis lessons and kids and tennis lessons. This ensures that every individual, regardless of age, gender and profession, can learn and be a part of our tennis training.


We are Passionate

All our tennis coaches are very passionate coaches. They believe in sharing their professional knowledge and skill with others to help them achieve a higher level of tennis playing. Tennis is a sport that require deep understanding of techniques and skills. Our coaches are passionate in sharing these skills with all the learners.

Amazing Tennis Drills Custom Tennis Lessons Plan Singapore

Top Tennis Training Drills

Our coaches design and draw out top tennis training drills tailored to the player's capabilities. These top tennis training drills are used and trained by tennis players playing at a high competitive level. With these training drills, we hope our students can a achieve a higher level of playing.

Types of tennis players

Every individual tennis player has his or her own playing style. Different playing style reflects individual’s strength and weakness. Each style has its own advantages and disadvantages. When playing tennis at a highly competitive level, is it important to analysis your opponent’s playing style and come out with the best strategy to beat your opponent. Our tennis coaches will help players to identify their playing style and overcome the weaknesses in their game.

Here are short descriptions of 4 different types of tennis styles and their suitability. Every tennis player need to recognize which styles and style they are more suitable with.

Aggressive Baseliner

If you are someone who knows the proper use of forehands and likes to serve by using your forehand, aggressive baseliner might be the perfect tennis style for you. This style is suitable for someone who is strong and have an aggressive playing style.

Counter Puncher

A consistent player with perfect groundstrokes and low error rate. This type of tennis playing style is more of a defensive type and requires very high level of precise placement. Tennis player with such a style tries to return very ball and relies on their opponent making mistakes.

All Court

All court is suitable for someone fast and flexible enough to deal and handle with all the different strategies and tactics during the game. An All-Court tennis player is someone who is comfortable with making different shots.

Serve and Volley

Serve, and volley is your perfect fit if you can create attacking opportunities and openings on both your first and second serves. Such player aims to score in the quickest possible time after each serve.

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