Tennis Lesson Singapore

Tennis Lesson Singapore

Tennis Lesson Singapore – Tennis is a sport involving both physical and mental engagement. It is a fast-paced game that requires intense physical exertion and rapid decision for action. As the flight time of the tennis ball is short, a player has to be quick in his movements and choice of swing hit. Tennis skills are strengthened through consistent practice, whether you are a beginner or a pro. Learning under the supervision of a tennis coach allows you to learn with expert knowledge. TM Tennis Academy is one of the leading academies in Singapore. Their certified and finest coaches provide transformational tennis lessons. 

It is crucial to practice tennis training drills to build up your stamina and body strength. These training drills are proven to improve performance on the court. 

True Mastery Tennis Academy Singapore Tennis Lessons

What Are Tennis Drills?

First, let’s look into the definition of drills to understand its concept better. Tennis drills are simulations of a situation that a player might face during his match. If you are a beginner, tennis drills can help you understand tennis fundamentals. Watching a professional tennis player is different than actually playing it yourself. It is possible to ignore minor points during the play that can significantly impact performance. Your muscles and shot decisions should be in coordination for a winning match. 

Importance of Tennis Drills

Pros are pros due to their experience and consistent practice of tennis drills. Professional tennis players have a structured practice routine that strengthens their tennis skills. If you are a beginner, it is highly encouraged to join tennis lessons in Singapore for one-on-one training. You can get tailored tennis lessons at TM Tennis Academy for promising results. Here is a list of reasons why tennis drills can improve your play. 

  • Improved Coordination:

One of the significant elements of playing tennis is hand-eye coordination. Your eyes should be on the ball without missing the hit simultaneously. Tennis drills improve coordination and lower down chances of a bad hit. It will also enhance balance and agility. 

  • Better Muscle Strength:

Tennis requires a lot of body strength. Practicing different training drills will help you build muscle memory and stability for different shot styles. 

  • Smarter Decision of Swing Shot:

Once you learn about different shot styles, it may seem confusing which shot is best to use at a particular moment. Your tennis coach will enable you to experience other simulations to learn about the power of different shot styles and when to use them. It will improve your accuracy in hitting the shot.

Types of Tennis Training Drills

There are mainly two types of tennis drills. Every tennis drill aims to improve a specific domain. These types are as follows:

  • On-Court Tennis Drills:

These tennis drills focus on practicing various tennis shots and learning about ball control.

  • Off-Court Tennis Drills:  

These tennis drills improve agility and stamina and strengthen body muscles. 

Top 5 Tennis Drills You Must Do in Your Tennis Lesson

Training drills strengthen core tennis skills for improved performance. Your tennis coach will enable you to identify your strong and weak points through tennis drills. If you are practicing alone, getting yourself a ball machine is recommended.

Here are the top five training drills that will take your tennis skills to the next level.

1. Dribbling

Before jumping into the training drills, warm up your body to increase body-core temperature and get into the mood for some action. It is best to start with a dribbling tennis drill if you are a beginner. 

Objective: This tennis drill helps the player to learn about control. It enables the player to learn about the ball’s elasticity and tension of tennis racket strings. You will also learn about ball handling.

How To:

  1. Hit your tennis ball to the ground; hit it with your tennis racket once it bounces back.
  2. Gradually increase your pressure of hit to get a higher ball bounce.
  3. Try to hit the ball faster without stopping.
Dribbling Tennis Balls Tennis Drills

2. Spider Run Drill

Spider Run Tennis Drill

This is an off-court training drill that is suitable for all-level players. You can practice this in your tennis lesson Singapore under the supervision of your coach. 

Objective: To improve mobility, speed, and body balance. 

How To:

  1. Take five tennis balls and place them at intersecting points on the court.
  2. Stand on the center mark and run to get the ball from the first point.
  3. Come back to the center marked point.
  4. Repeat and grab all the balls by coming back to the center position. 

3. 20 Tennis Balls Drill

Groundstroke is essential to tennis play. This training drill aims to improve groundstroke for better performance. 

Objective: Improve timing and consistency

How To: For this training drill, you will need the assistance of your tennis coach or ball machine. Your coach will throw ten balls at you at forehand and backhand. Try to hit all the shots without missing any of them. Take a 20 to 30-second break and again resume smashing. 

tennis balls for beginners

4. Volley to Volley Drill

How Tennis Scoring Works

You will need a player or tennis coach to practice in your tennis lesson Singapore for this drill. 

Objective: To improve volley and reflexes for a hit. 

How To:

  1. Stand on the court, keeping a distance from the other player.
  2. Volley the ball and hit it higher in the air.
  3. Continue to hit while increasing your pace to hit different spots.
  4. Try to move side to side to know how to side at a different position. 

5. Target Serve

Serve is one of the most challenging aspects of tennis. Not everyone is good at serving. The one with good serves has a chance of winning the match. You will master your serve shot at TM Tennis Academy with the following drill.

Objective:  Improve accuracy of serve 

How To:

  1. Mark a few targets along the service line.
  2. Pick a target and serve to hit the mark.
  3. Repeat with other targets to improve the accuracy of your shot. 
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