How to Choose the Best Tennis Shoes for Tennis Players

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Before you begin your journey of enrolling yourself in tennis lessons, it is extremely significant to identify the difference between normal shoes and tennis shoes, as your shoes will be your best friend in this journey, so you better choose your friend wisely.

It is not an easy task to select the perfect tennis shoes, so we at the TM Tennis Academy Singapore will help you in listing down some salient features that must be taken into consideration before you buy your next tennis shoes.

You must know that tennis shoes are formulated differently, as compared to other regular shoes. Ideal tennis shoes should be sturdy and have a more flat sole, as compared to other sports shoes, which is essential to perform better on a court surface.

Once you have picked up the right sole, the next thing to consider is your size and width. One thing you should ensure is that there should be enough space at your shoe’s front, as it would stop your toes from jamming together, which is essential in preventing foot blisters.

If you pick up the wrong size of a tennis shoe, then you may strain your foot as tennis requires fast and constant movement of your feet.

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Adding to that, you should also consider the toe space of your tennis shoes. Your tennis shoes should offer a proper toe space, which is neither too tight nor too roomy.

You should also take into consideration your ankle space while selecting your perfect tennis shoes. The ankle space that isn’t adequate or proper may cause discomfort and be a hindrance in your tennis playing experience. In order to check your ankle space, you must look out for any rubbing against your ankle and your tennis shoe.

It is also important to consider that tennis shoes are supposed to be sturdy and stiffer as compared to other kinds of shoes, because this sport requires a greater magnitude of motion. However, being sturdy and rough should not mean that you have to compromise on the comfort. While buying the perfect tennis shoes, comfort should be your top priority. Therefore, you must look for a midsole that has more space.

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Adding to that, you must consider that your tennis shoes should have stability, as playing tennis requires sharp movements. Be it groundstroke, moving forward or backwards to hit the tennis ball, your ideal tennis shoes should provide immaculate stability.

The stability of good tennis shoes is ensured by a good and rigid sole which should incorporate a tough grade of plastic around the center of your shoe’s sole. It also helps in preventing your tennis shoe from de-shaping.

Being a tennis player, you would agree that the majority of the players would engage themselves in playing on courts which are rough and hard. Therefore, it is extremely important that your tennis shoes should be very durable. Some tennis players drag feet while they are serving which would require them to select tennis shoes that offer a more exaggerated toe space so that their tennis shoes can last for a longer period of time.

It is extremely important to know that there is not a single tennis shoe that could be termed as the best tennis shoe, as the ‘best’ for every individual varies as it is a relative experience. Therefore, you must pick the kind of tennis shoe that suits you the best in terms of comfort, durability and stability.

It is extremely important to consider that the kind of outsole a tennis shoe has, greatly affects its performance. The outsoles of tennis shoes are classified by the kind of surface your tennis shoe would be performing upon. The outsoles of a tennis shoe determine the speed and durability of a tennis shoe.


Types of Tennis Shoes:

All Court:

These types of tennis shoes are very unique and dynamic. The durability of such shoes is immaculate. The performance that they deliver on hard surfaces of court is admirable. Such type of tennis shoes are extremely widely used amongst tennis players

Grass Court:

The Grass Court outsoles have studs which ensures great grip on the ground or court surface. These tennis shoes provide excellent performance on all kinds of grass courts, be it indoor or outdoor. However, the usage of such shoes should be limited to grass courts only, as they could be damaged if used on any other surface.

Carpet Court:

The outsoles of such shoes are very fine and smooth. They ensure perfect grip on courts that are carpeted.

Omni Court:

Such outsoles are the best pick for all sorts of courts. Be it grass courts or hard courts, such shoes deliver great performance on all kinds of courts.

How to differentiate between trainers and tennis shoes?


The basic difference between trainers and Tennis shoes is the kind of outsoles they incorporate. However, the difference is also based on how the shoe copes up with the player while playing the sport.

Technically, tennis shoes give proper support to the player while playing on the court. Whereas other kinds of shoes are designed to ensure other aspects of performance, like speed and forward movement.

Tennis shoes are designed in a way that it takes into consideration the player’s foot movements, which is pertinent in terms of providing perfect support while being comfortable as well.Another important difference between tennis shoes and other trainers is that tennis shoes come with a toe guard that prevents toe drag.

One thing that most buyers miss is that some brands who specialize in tennis shoes also sell simple trainers. Therefore you must always prefer buying tennis shoes over simple trainers. You must also take into consideration your price range, as tennis shoes come at different prices. However, it is not always the case that the more expensive a tennis shoe is, the better performance and durability it would deliver. You can make your tennis lessons more comfortable and enjoyable by picking up the right type of tennis shoe for yourself.

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