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Brian Leong

Head Coach, TM Tennis Academy

Our proven Tennis teaching system focuses on having solid fundamentals based on strokes, footwork, and work ethic. We strongly believe in inculcating good habits in early stage of learning which is essential to achieve high level of performance in tennis.



TM Tennis Academy (True Mastery Tennis Academy) is a Singapore-based tennis coaching service that aims to provide world-class tennis training classes and guidance for tennis players of all levels. TM Tennis Academy is founded by a group of professionally certified tennis coaches in Singapore, who want share their expertise with others in love with this beautiful game through proper tennis coaching.

Through our different tennis coaching plans, our players and students have access to top quality tennis training drills. These drills are used by players who are playing both competitively as well as recreationally. The drills are tailored according to individual player’s needs and abilities.

Why TM Tennis academy

Tennis Lesson Singapore – TM Tennis Academy is a Singapore-based tennis academy with top certified professional tennis coaches in Singapore. What makes us unique and different from other tennis academies? These reasons are:

Female Tennis Coach

Looking for female Tennis coach or prefer to having a female coach? Look no further! TM Tennis Academy have a team of very professional and skillful female tennis coaches. Drop us a WhatsApp to find out more!

Inspire to become Singapore’s next top Female tennis coach? We are recruiting female tennis coaches to join TM Tennis Academy and build a strong community! Chat with us now!

Why Choose Us


Professional and Certified

TM Tennis Academy coaches are the best in Singapore. Certified by Singapore Tennis Association (STA).



TM Tennis Academy offers affordable, high-quality tennis lessons.


Custom Tennis Lesson Plan

Not all tennis drills and mechanics is suitable for everyone. Contact one of our coaches and we create a customized learning and training tennis plan best suited for you to improve your game.



Our coaches are experts in helping students mastering the game of tennis quickly. They have a wealth of experience which can help you bring your game to the next level.


Variety of Classes

We different types of tennis lessons to suit all levels. Private coaching is available for those who want extra one-on-one attention, while group classes offer an excellent opportunity to meet new people and learn from the best coaches in your area.


Passionate Coaches

TM Tennis Academy coaches are highly qualified and passionate Tennis coaches. Our coaches believe in sharing their knowledge with the students and walking them through every step in their tennis journey.

Types Of Tennis Classes We Provide

TM Tennis Academy Offers Tennis Classes For All Levels Of Players Regardless Of Age And Gender.

Private Tennis Class

Tennis Lesson Singapore - In TM Tennis Academy, we want to encourage all individuals to learn tennis! The first step is always to make the brave decision: picking up this wonderful sport! With proper guidance, tennis classes taught by experienced and certified tennis experts, we are confident that people will fall head over heels with tennis just like our coaches did when they first started out (and still continue)! Claim your free private tennis lesson offer now!

Pair Tennis Lesson

Pair tennis is an excellent way to improve your game and also build a relationship with your tennis partner. Get the competitive edge on your next match with interactive tennis drills and rally practices. Pair tennis classes are an excellent way to build relationships while improving both your tennis game. Pair up with someone and sign up for our pair tennis lessons today!

Group Tennis Lesson

Group Tennis Lessons give you and your friends or family the chance to spend more time together by picking up a new sport. We offer weekly tennis group lessons where you can learn how to play tennis in a group! Join now for this perfect opportunity to play the sport together and bring everyone closer than ever before.

Kids Tennis Lessons

Introduce your kid to the game of tennis and let your child reap the benefits of learning the sport. Through Tennis, your kids will be able to build self-confidence and develop good sportsmanship. Your kid will learn to face and overcome the various ups and downs which can help them succeed in their life.

Corporate Tennis Lesson

Looking for a different corporate bonding activity? Check out our corporate tennis lesson! How cool is that to have a day of fun tennis lesson with your colleagues? Get out of your office and enjoy a day of tennis with our professional tennis coaches.

Tennis lesson packages

Private Tennis Lesson

$ 99 Per Session (1 Hour)
  • One to one Coaching
  • Flexible & Convenient Timing
  • Customized Lessons Plan
  • Training Equipment and Court Booking Provided

Pair Tennis Lesson

$ 119 Per Session (1 Hour)
  • One Coach Assigned to 2 Students
  • Flexible & Convenient Timing
  • Customized Lessons Plan
  • Training Equipment and Court Booking Provided

Group Tennis Lesson

$ 40 Per Session (1 Hour)
  • Group of Up to 4 Pax Per Lesson
  • Flexible and Convenient Timing
  • Training Equipment and Court Booking Provided

Kids Tennis Lessons

$ 99 Per Session (1 Hour)
  • One to one Coaching
  • Flexible & Convenient Timing
  • Customized Lessons Plan
  • Training Equipment and Court Booking Provided

Corporate Tennis Lessons

$ - Contact Us to Find Out More!
  • One Coach Assigned to 2 Students
  • Flexible & Convenient Timing
  • Customized Lessons Plan
  • Training Equipment Provided
Contact us!

Private Tennis Lesson

$ 1188 13 Lessons
  • 1 Hour Per Session
  • Free Trial Lesson*
Best Deal

Pair Tennis Lesson

$ 1428 13 Lessons
  • 1 Hour Per Lesson
  • Free Trial Lesson*

Group Tennis Lesson

$ 480 12 Lessons
  • 1 Hour Per Session
  • Free Trial Lesson*

Why Learn Tennis

Playing Tennis Is A Sport That Teaches You A Lot Of Great Lessons. These Lessons Include:

TM Tennis Coach Recruitment Poster


TM Tennis Academy is expanding! We are looking for sincere, passionate and motived tennis coaches to join our team. Inspire the next generation of tennis players, contact us now! 

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TM Tennis Academy | Private Tennis Lesson

All TM Tennis Academy’s students and coaches will enjoy an exclusive discount from our sports retail partners

Special Discount for Students

TM Tennis Academy | Private Tennis Lesson

Tennis Shoes

TM Tennis Academy | Private Tennis Lesson

Tennis Rackets

TM Tennis Academy | Private Tennis Lesson

Tennis Balls

Special Discount for Coaches​

TM Tennis Academy | Private Tennis Lesson

Tennis Shoes

TM Tennis Academy | Private Tennis Lesson

Tennis Rackets

TM Tennis Academy | Private Tennis Lesson

Tennis Balls

TM Tennis Academy | Private Tennis Lesson

Restring Services

..and many more! For more information, contact us now!

Students ♡ Us

Pair Tennis Coach Singapore

“Highly recommended. Coaches are able to pinpoint even a minor technical flaw in your strokes and correct you on the spot. Drills given by the coach were replicating specific parts of a tennis point. Felt more confident in my match play.”


“Coach Darryl is a highly passionate and motivated coach. You can feel that he sincerely wants the best out of his students when he is in the court.”

TM Tennis Academy | Private Tennis Lesson

“Bryan is good to with kids. All the kids in the group love his lesson and look forward to his lesson every week. He is great at making tennis lesson fun with a mixture of games and drills”

-Grace, Parent
TM Tennis Academy Kids Tennis

“Even though my kids only play once a week with Coach Brian, they showed great improvement just after a few lessons. Brian is always correcting them on the right technique.”

TM Tennis Academy Kids Tennis

“My boy is extremely comfortable with the coach. I have never seen him laughing and enjoying himself so much when playing other sports. Thank you for instilling interest in tennis for my boy.”

-Ivy, Parent
Kids Tennis Lessons

“I can’t recommend Brian enough. Here is a guy who is very detailed and can really bring your tennis to the next level.”

-Gillian and Christina, Parents
Sophie ChenSophie Chen
12:49 27 Jun 22
Eric is a very friendly, patient and encouraging coach. One would learn definitely learn much more efficiently with appropriate and effective guidance from him! Eric taught me all the strokes during the first few classes and kept correcting my stroke afterwards. Thanks to him, my tennis technique got consistently improved along the way. Plus, Eric has always been very responsive with scheduling of lessons. Booking of lesson is easy, fast, and fuss free.I have enjoyed my lessons with Eric and would recommend TM tennis academy to anyone who want to leant tennis efficiently!
Apple chuaApple chua
10:02 18 Jun 22
My daughter love coach Daryl’s lessons! Recommended!! 💪🏻
kelvin lohkelvin loh
09:24 04 Jun 22
Coach Daryl is a very professional coach. He is very detailed and patient. He even took videos of my strokes and corrected them! Recommended coach!
Xavier TanXavier Tan
05:08 28 May 22
Highly recommended,Coach Brian is a passionate and professional coach who is very patient and have clear communication skills and always correcting me on the right techniques,paying attention to all the small details to help you become a tennis player
lee dianalee diana
07:55 28 Feb 22
Very motivating and passionate Tennis coach. My kids Ethan’ and Elise enjoy lessons with Coach Bryan since Dec 2020 til now.
Laurence GeLaurence Ge
11:05 27 Feb 22
Bryan is a very passionate and professional tennis coach, he has helped to hone my skills over the years drastically. I definitely to everyone who is starting to learn tennis.
Geraldine LaiGeraldine Lai
07:27 19 Jan 22
Appreciative of a very responsive admin, Mr Bryan who helped us find a suitable coach.Energetic, experienced and a professional coach, Mr Xavier was very patient and caring to his student.Highly recommended for parents interested to get a coach for your child to begin learning tennis.
Shujie WangShujie Wang
17:55 09 Jan 22
Tennis lessons by Coach was very interesting and very suitable for young kids. My 6 years old daughter enjoyed the lessons very much. Recommended! 👍🏻
Dilton YangDilton Yang
14:48 03 Jan 22
Coach Leong was exceptionally nice and professional. I was shy and lack confidence when i started my lessons with him but with his encouragement, my confidence grew and I enjoyed my lesson. No regrets!
mei ling tanmei ling tan
14:13 03 Jan 22
Very thankful to our coach Xavier for his patience, especially at some point when he had to repeatedly correct the same mistakes on us, without showing any frustrations (we appreciate) that made us feel very at ease. Always looking forward to our tennis lessons. We truly enjoy!
Terry CTerry C
03:33 01 Dec 21
Coach Eric and Bryan are kind and patient, and have wonderful communication skills. They are great with children and connects with them well, which is important in establishing trust with her young learners. Coach Eric and Bryan would send a report to parents after each tennis class, listing what was done for the lesson, and gradually my kids tennis skills improve over a short period of time. Well done, TM academy!
Don YeoDon Yeo
03:18 01 Dec 21
Was thinking of trying a new spot and came across this website. There was even a trail lesson offer by them. WhatsApp them they reply promptly. Definitely worth to have a chit chat and applying with them
Zerine OngZerine Ong
10:24 30 Nov 21
Coach Eric is very attentive to details and have the expertise to coach the student. And he is friendly and able to make the student comfortable and willing to learn more from him. He goes the extra mile to go through the basics and make sure the foundation is built strong. Highly recommend him and his tennis academy👍🏻
Alvin OngAlvin Ong
12:46 26 Nov 21
Tried their trial lesson and decided to sign a package with them. Coach Logan focuses alot on my technique and corrected my posture. Very impressed with the professionalism. Strongly recommended! 👍
Felicia AngFelicia Ang
06:46 28 Oct 21
I have always been keen to pick up this sport and I am very pleased to have met Coach Bryan through TM Tennis. TM tennis is so kind to have provided equipment on my trial class. I appreciate Coach Bryan's kind patience and dedication. Thank you!P.S. Great coach + always ready w tons of equipment!

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TM Tennis Academy | Private Tennis Lesson
TM Tennis Academy | Private Tennis Lesson
TM Tennis Academy | Private Tennis Lesson
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