How Long Can Tennis Balls Last

Tennis Balls

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Many amateur tennis players are curious about how many games you can play with a single can of tennis balls. It relies on a variety of variables, including your tennis skill level and the tennis balls you utilize. Though all tennis balls look alike, not every tennis ball is the same. They contain varying internal pressures, which cause them to bounce more or less. Some, like clay tennis balls, are exclusively used on a specific surface. However, even if you use the finest tennis balls in Singapore, they will ultimately degrade and require replacement.

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Tennis Balls

What is the lifespan of tennis balls?

A can of pressurized tennis balls lasts from one to four weeks of light to moderate play at a recreational level. Tennis balls without pressure can persist for a year or even longer. A pressurized set of tennis balls may only last one to three hours if used for tennis at a competitive level. 

It doesn’t matter what tennis ball you use; all tennis balls have a lifespan. You might be surprised to learn that even a sealed can of pressurized tennis balls won’t last forever. Tennis ball cans keep their internal pressure for about two years if you don’t open them. That’s because, over time, tiny holes in the packaging allow the pressure within a can of tennis balls to escape gradually.

Tennis balls in Singapore degrade over time and with continuous use, and their performance level falls to the point that you must replace them. Professionals refer to tennis balls as dead at this point, effectively indicating that they are no longer acceptable when playing the game. A dead ball will typically have a considerably lower and inconsistent bounce.

Factors that affect a tennis ball’s durability

Numerous factors affect the durability of tennis balls in Singapore. We will discuss some of them below. 

Playing level; competitive or recreational

Your tennis game’s intensity will have the most significant impact on how long your tennis balls last. Tennis balls last longer if you solely use them for casual tennis since hitting a ball forcefully and with a more significant swing causes it to wear out more quickly.

Recreational Tennis: Depending on how often you use them, a can of pressurized tennis balls in Singapore can last anywhere from one to four weeks if you only play tennis recreationally. The balls will then start to lose their power and swing.

Competitive Tennis: Playing tennis competitively causes tennis balls to degrade significantly more quickly. Tennis balls wear down much more rapidly and lose their pressure earlier when you hit them harder and with greater spin during competitive matches.

Types of tennis balls; Pressurized or pressureless tennis balls

The kind of tennis ball also influences its lifespan. Tennis balls are broadly divided into two categories: pressurized balls and pressureless balls.

Pressurized tennis balls are the most common and standard type of tennis ball. They have a high amount of air pressure inside the tennis ball core. This internal pressure causes the tennis balls to bounce.

Pressureless tennis balls don’t require a lot of air pressure inside them. They have a thicker rubber core and are designed to play similarly to conventional balls. They aren’t as enjoyable to play with. Thus, they aren’t utilized for competitive tennis because the thicker core frequently makes the ball significantly stiffer and slightly heavier on the arm. 

Since they are far more durable and provide more consistent performance over a more extended period, tennis coaches use them for lessons and as practice tennis balls in Singapore. 

Type of tennis court surface

The court’s surface you play on will also affect the durability of the tennis ball. Some tennis courts, like hard courts, are highly abrasive. So, the balls wear down quicker. Grass and clay courts have much less effect on the wearing of the ball.

Recognizing when to replace a tennis ball

There are often three simple techniques to determine whether you need to replace your tennis ball. 

Low Bounce

A shallow bounce is typically one of the first indicators that a tennis ball is dead. Simply compare a tennis ball to another to determine whether it has lost its bounce. Drop the two tennis balls at an equal distance. One is likely damaged and requires replacement if it drops substantially lower than the other.

Squeeze in your hand

Squeeze the tennis ball in your hand’s palm. An old or dead tennis ball will be simple to compress, whereas a brand-new one will be difficult and hardly give way.

Sound of a striking ball

Tennis ball striking has a significantly distinct sound. Tennis balls in good condition sound similar to a wack when smashed. However, a tennis ball will say a little more hollow when you need to replace it. 

Which tennis balls hold their shape the best?

While pressureless tennis balls are, without a doubt, the most durable option, not all players can use them. Most tennis balls in Singapore are frequently labeled as standard-duty, but this is only relevant when considering pressurized tennis balls. Additionally, some producers make extra-durable tennis balls, which last longer than standard tennis balls.


Despite of latest technologies, it is still impossible to produce a tennis ball in Singapore that will last forever. All will expire at some point. However, you can use some tricks to make them last longer than their typical lifespan. Although there is a small selection of solutions to help keep balls from deteriorating, they are not common.TM Tennis Academy, Singapore, provides a leading platform for tennis enthusiasts to learn tennis techniques in Singapore. They have a highly professional and qualified team of tennis coaches that aim to take your tennis game up a notch. Visit its official website and get a quote now.

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