Mental Tennis Training And Goal Setting

Mental Tennis Training And Goal Setting

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The sport of tennis is complex, with focus revolving around four main factors: tactical, mental, physical, and technical. Earlier, the technical part was given more importance, but now the mental factor has also become an important part of training. If you want group lessons, check out group tennis lessons Singapore that will also focus on setting goals and preparing a player from mental perspectives.

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What Is Meant By Mental Training In Tennis? 

The stress before the match is filled with anxieties. To deal with this, there exists mental training sessions to make a player ready for matches. While the players reach match time, they often experience a source of excitement, which is also built up of pressure. This is referred to as pre-match stress. The best way to manage pre-match stress is to be ready and fresh before the match. You cannot arrive at a match mentally exhausted from issues like overthinking or being over-excited, as it lessens your ability to focus. In such cases, the most advised methods incorporate watching a video or listening to music to take your mind off the game.

To perform well in any tennis competition, you must be prepared. This is where goal setting comes in. You need to understand where you stand in the game, be aware of your weaknesses and strengths and finally prepare a plan involving the game tactics and alternatives for your next match.

Tips To Consider To Help With Goal Setting While Playing Tennis

Here are a few points you can use to help with goal setting-

  • Be specific about what you need to do. For example, I want to improve my serve by 20%. Be specific and hit it.
  • Measure your tactics before and after. For example, I am serving at 40% right now. I want to improve it to 60%.
  • Make sure your goal is attainable. Challenging yourself is good but run it through your coach so that you know that the task is attainable.
  • Will the goal help you achieve your dreams?
  • How much time will you take to reach the goal?

These goals should be focused on during your training sessions. These will help you reach your final destination without getting too stressed. These goals apply to both kids and adults. Check out tennis lessons for kids

  • Warmup routines

To begin a match in the best possible mental condition, you must have routines put in place before the game starts. These routines will include a physical warmup and a mental review of the game plan. The goal here is to enter the match with the best mental and physical condition.

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  • Tennis lessons for kids

Do not take kids’ lessons lightly. A correct foundation established from the early stages will help your kid succeed in the future. Hence, mental, technical, physical, and tactical training should be given equal importance.

Mental Conditions During The Match

  • Managing Stress

Tightness in the chest or trembling arms most of us have faced. This is stress. It pushes you to do things. However, if not handled properly, stress can become a big obstacle that will prevent you from being your best self in the field. Therefore, make sure that your stress is compatible with your way of playing. Focus on breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, and anchoring to control the stress. These can be put to practice when you go for group tennis lessons Singapore.

  • Concentration

You want to make the right choices and avoid mistakes. However, your mind may wander off from the court. Alternatively, if you are focused on every single second, you will become exhausted. Thus, make sure that you concentrate on what is needed.

  • Nerves

Tennis is known to put the players on their nerves. Along with competing against your opponent, you are also competing against your own mistakes. This can be frustrating, and the player may land up paying a higher price. Your nervousness can make you lose your concentration and lucidity in the match. Therefore, you must keep calm by using performance routines like relaxation techniques, sophrology, etc.

  • End of the match

A lot of players are worried about finishing the match well. Bad choices, pressure, lack of concentration, et cetera can sometimes not give the desired output. Are you prepared to deal with such a situation? Make sure that your mind is in the present and play point after point without deviating yourself from the game plan.

How To Train One’s Mind Before Getting Into A Tennis Match? 

  1. During Training

Experiment with your routine and understand what works for you. Training is the best time to test out all your tools and techniques and finalize what you would like to use in your matches.

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  1. Outside the court

Once you’re outside the court, engage in sophrology, relaxation, and visualization exercises. You can keep a training notebook and follow your progress. Write down your game plans and training techniques to increase efficiency.

  1. Practice yoga and meditation. 

Yoga and meditation are helpful in training the mind. Yoga can also act as a recovery tool to help stretch your tight muscles, increase the resiliency in your tissue and address any muscle asymmetry which may have occurred. When you indulge in yoga, keep your mind focused on your breathing pattern. 


Whether it is tennis lessons for kids or adults, training the mind is a very important part of the sport. One of the best includes TM tennis Academy, that understands this and emphasizes a lot not only on the technical aspect of tennis but also on the mental preparation of the players, be it kids or adults. Contact soon!

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