Prevent Tennis Injuries With These Tennis Warm-Up Exercises

Prevent Tennis Injuries With These Tennis Warm-Up Exercises

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It is essential that tennis players keep their limbs warm and minds sharp during the tennis match. Getting a private tennis coach Singapore and opting for individual or group sessions is a must. But whichever way you choose to go, warm-up exercises will always play a crucial role.

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Stretches and warm-up exercises are crucial for building body flexibility and preventing injury while playing tennis. An effective pre-match warm-up not only prepares the body for the upcoming competition. It also reduces the injury risk and gets a person mentally ready for the game or competition. The problem faced by most players is that they are not aware of which warm-up exercises to do to get the body ready for tennis.


When you look for a tennis coach, discuss which exercises will be needed for warm-up. You don’t need any special or specific exercises to get your body ready to play tennis. A few simple exercises can you get your body ready like

  • Squats
  • Planks
  • Push-ups
  • But cakes
  • Jumping jacks
  • Plank workout
  • Arm circles

Do these exercises for at least 5 to 10 minutes before you start tennis hitting or drilling.

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To get your body up and ready for tennis, here are five steps you should follow. Give these exercises 5 to 10 minutes to finish, and then take a while for a breather before you step into the court.


  • Cardio

3 to 5 minutes of running, skipping is the correct way to start your tennis. Here, the aim is to boost your circulation and heart rate. Therefore, keep increasing the intensity with every passing minute. Skipping is an amazing activity to incorporate into your cardio, especially if you are a tennis player. Skipping helps you coordinate your arm and leg movement as well as keeps you on your toes. Make sure your private tennis Coach Singapore includes a few cardio workouts in your warm-up regime. 

  • Range of movement

The range of movement (ROM) exercises are an amazing way to lengthen the muscles and mobilize the joints also of your body. You can look at ROM exercises as loosening up of the body or active stretching. The beauty of ROM intense exercises is that they open the chain of movement. They work on your whole body instead of a specific muscle or area. Before you participate in any sport, you should do stretching, but this is especially important in the case of tennis.

Check out TM tennis Academy Singapore if you want to brush up on your tennis skills.

  • Foam rolling and stretching.

Sometimes there are certain regions of the body that become very tight and need to be loosened or released before exercises. Simple stretches or foam roller exercises can help elongate the muscles, as well as pop the joints for correct movement patterns. In order to avoid injuries when playing tennis, it is important that you have a good range of motion all throughout your joints. For example, having a limited thoracic movement may limit your forehand rotation which in turn can lead to overwhipping the arm to generate equal power.

  • Muscle activation

Muscles can be activated by specifically stimulating certain muscles and causing them to go into a state of being awake before your tennis training session. A lot of people have stability issues around joints and muscle imbalances. Therefore, it is important that you stimulate the correct muscles and encourage them to start working before you start a match. 

Depending on which muscles may be problematic, some players activate their core or gluteus while others perform rotator cuff resistance band exercises. Depending on your body structure and muscles, your coach will tell you which routine would work for you.

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  • Just shadowing

This is the last phase of the tennis warm-up sequence. In shadowing, you mimic the movement that you would be performing on the court. This is necessary to fire up your body as well as your nervous system by following the tennis movement patterns. You should perform tennis shadowing for at least three minutes alternating between overhead, backhand, forehands, smash, and finally, volleys. 

These shadowy exercises help you prepare mentally before you start playing. The intensity of shadowing exercises should be increased with every passing minute. This will allow you to get ready not only physically but also mentally by the time you step on the court.

  • Never skip

There may be times when you may run late and want to just jump into the game. However, you should avoid such behavior. Warm-ups are very important because they get your muscles loosened and warmed. This helps resist injury while playing. Warm-ups not only get you mentally and physically ready, but they also decrease internal tissue resistance, improve tissue extensibility, and increase the amount of tissue deformation that can occur before the threshold of resistance is broken, and an injury occurs.


Check out TM tennis Academy Singapore. They have world-class infrastructure, professionally certified tennis coaches, and different coaching plans. You can even have a custom coaching plan made for you, depending on your needs and preferences.

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