Essential Tennis Rules You Must Know

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Just like any other sports like badminton or swimming. To master tennis, you must strengthen your base knowledge. A sport has specific rules and regulations that add discipline and fairness to the match. Beginners may find it daunting to memorize tennis rules. Learning tennis rules shouldn’t be hard. A beginner can learn through practice, observations, and professional tennis lessons in Singapore. A tennis coach will start with types, dos, and don’ts to enable the learners to understand core concepts. It is okay if you miss a rule or two, you will learn eventually.  

Fundamental Tennis Rules You Must Know

Tennis is a full-fledged body workout. It requires determination and endurance to take the right strategy for a win. Here are some essentials you should know to become a tennis prodigy. 

  1. Tennis Court Layout

Before we get into rules, we must know about court layout and boundaries. Here are a few terminologies and their purpose:

  • Baseline: It is the court’s boundary lengthwise. The player has to serve behind the baseline. If a shot lands out of the baseline, then the player will lose the point. 
  • Service Line: It is the lengthwise limit of the player within where the serve must land. Combined with the center mark, it is known as the service box. 
  • Center Service Line: It is used only for service. It divides the court into two halves. Depending upon the score, the player will serve from the left or the right side. 
  • Single Sideline: It is the lengthwise boundary for Singles match
  • Double Sideline: It is the lengthwise boundary for doubles match
  • Center Mark: It is the point where the player must stand before the serve
Tennis Lessons Academy Singapore
  1. Equipment

There is standard equipment that you must abide by for your tennis play. Your coach at TM Tennis Academy will guide you about various racket types and which use is suitable for you. Whichever style you choose, it must meet the standard requirements. Using equipment that can give you greater playing power over the opponent is strictly prohibited. 

You should invest in premium quality tennis gear. It will enhance your performance. 

  1. Scoring Board

In your tennis lessons in Singapore, one of the significant training is about how to win a point. To win the match, you must score four points. The unit measurement for scoring is 15 (1st point), 30 (2nd Point), 40 (3rd Point), and the fourth point is the winning point. If the score is equal, there will be a deuce. The player has to win two apparent issues for the victory.  The overall tennis match consists of six sets of rounds. The player who wins six locations first will win the game. 

In case of a tie, the players must win a tiebreak set. Your tennis coach will train you on how to reach seven points with a two-point advantage to win the tiebreak. 

  1. Serving and Sides

To start the match, the player will serve from the right side. The serve must be diagonal across the court. On an odd number set of the game, the players will switch sides like for 3,5,7 and more. Each player has two attempts at serving. If the player misses the second attempt as well, the player will lose a point. Serve is one of the essential components of racket sports. Through your tennis lessons in Singapore, you must strengthen your service to get hold of the match. 

  1. Violations 

Any rule violation can lead to losing a score. In extreme cases, you can be suspended from the tennis match. Here are some violations you must be conscious of

  • It is intentionally hitting the ball outside the point.
  • Aggressively throwing or hitting racket at the opponent
  • Disrespecting the staff or empire
  • Getting advice from the coach during the match
  • Use of offensive words and expressing anger
  • Purposely not performing well to lose the match
  • Breaking clock rules

Seems Too Much to Remember?

Memorizing rules, regulations, and violations can seem a daunting task. One of the easiest ways to enhance tennis skills is to join TM Tennis Academy. Through professional tennis lessons in Singapore, you will get regular training sessions to help you practice the rules. Your tennis coach will provide careful monitoring of your performance and will highlight your flaws. 

Professional training leads to bright career opportunities. Let us connect more to polish your smashes!

Ready, Steady, Smash!

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