Basic Tennis Strokes You Must Learn

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The sport of tennis similarily to badminton is played with several strokes, each of tennis strokes can be challenging to master. It can be a little daunting to understand the different strokes if you have not grown up playing or watching the sport. And if you ask any tennis player, they will tell you that hitting the stroke over the net is the most critical first step in starting the game. Therefore, you must understand and know how to hit the stroke in all the different ways. 

You also have the opportunity to participate in tennis training in Singapore. You must only enroll in tennis training in Singapore at a facility where the professionals will assist you in practicing the techniques.

Tennis is mainly a game with five distinct strokes. To succeed in tennis and advance to the next level, you must execute all five strokes flawlessly. So, here are the most basic skills you must learn in the game of tennis.

  • Serve

The serve is the stroke used to initiate the beginning of each point in a match. It is the only stroke in tennis that a player has perfect control over. Therefore, it is one of the most acute strokes in the game. 

The key to this stroke is fluidity, rotation, and the use of the whole body to snap upwards into the shot. First, make sure you are behind the baseline before beginning. Next, position your feet in a side-on stance, so an arrow between your feet points towards your opponent. Lastly, hold the racket in your dominant hand with a continental grip and the tennis ball in your non-dominant hand. Now serve!

  • Forehand

The forehand is often considered to be the most powerful stroke of the player since it utilizes the dominant hand. The most important aspects of a solid forehand stroke are having excellent footwork, ensuring that your racket is ready for contact, and maintaining a balanced stance during the whole motion.

Before striking the ball, you must get into position, bend your knees, and keep your hips and body coiled. Your dominant hand should hold the racquet and swing it opposite your body until it reaches your opponent. 

  • Backhand

There are two types of backhand: one-handed or two-handed. A one-handed backhand has a longer reach and is more effective against strokes coming into the body. In contrast, a two-handed backhand gives more stability and control. A backhand stroke is executed by swinging the racket away from the body in the opposite direction towards the player’s dominant hand.

  • Volley

A volley is when a player strikes the ball out of the air, rather than allowing it to bounce first. A combination of speed, reflexes, touch, and good footwork is necessary to execute a successful volley. Most of the effort happens before the stroke, so getting yourself in the right posture is essential.

Tennis Lessons Tennis Stokes Volley Singapore
  • Overhead

In tennis, overhead is a stroke involving the player making contact with the ball by swinging their racquet over their head like a serving. Getting in the right position is important so you can hit the overhead in your best strike zone. However, you should not put your feet down until you are about to make an actual stroke. Your racquet should be up and back with the knees bent and the torso positioned to deliver the most power into the stroke just before contact.

Tennis Lessons Tennis Strokes Overhead Singapore

Every player has a unique set of talents, and one must learn how to use those skills to their fullest potential. However, keep in mind that practice makes perfect, and soon you will be able to achieve more steady and powerful tennis strokes with time and the right training. Therefore, if you want to become an expert in the different tennis strokes, there are many academies to get tennis training in Singapore

Now you are probably wondering where you can get some best tennis training in Singapore. You are lucky because we have a solution for you; the TM Tennis Academy in Singapore is the best place to learn and enjoy training most efficiently.

TM Tennis Academy Excellent Tennis Training In Singapore

The TM Tennis Academy in Singapore is where beginners may begin their tennis training without prior experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you can also get personalized tennis training at TM Tennis Academy in Singapore tailored to your skill level.

TM Tennis Academy | Private Tennis Lesson

TM Tennis Academy in Singapore features tennis coaches that have earned certification from the Singapore Tennis Association (STA). Here, the coaches take great pride in being able to teach others how to play their sport. They will teach you everything you need to know, from basic tennis strokes to advanced techniques. Furthermore, you will also have the opportunity to hire a private tennis coach in Singapore. You can learn every hidden trick there is to know about the sport if you train with these private tennis coaches in Singapore.

TM Tennis Academy | Private Tennis Lesson

Hence, the TM Tennis Academy in Singapore is dedicated to helping you become a great tennis player by offering world-class tennis training and a team of dedicated private tennis coaches to assist you every step.

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