What Makes TM Tennis Academy Different Than Others

What Makes TM Tennis Academy Different Than Others

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To attain a healthy lifestyle, regular physical activities are essential. Not only will you achieve body strength, but you also have more potent cognitive abilities. Sports are an entertaining way of maintaining health. Few sports like Tennis have significantly gained popularity in Singapore. With increasing obesity rates every year, governments and health authorities continually promote healthy habits. Schools have also included sports activities in their extra-curriculum and P.T. classes for regular exercise and sports. Inspired by breathtaking smashes of top tennis players, some people get inspired to take Tennis as a profession. 

The Demand of Tennis Academies in Singapore:

To ensure and regulate quality tennis academies in Singapore, STA (Singapore Tennis Association) was formed. The STA community is working to integrate higher-level tennis skills among the interested players. STA also offers Tennis Coaching certificates to ensure professional Singapore Tennis Coach. With the increasing demand for learning professional Tennis, numerous tennis academies in Singaporcompete to integrate quality tennis skills. 

Choosing the Right Tennis Academy in Singapore:

During your Tennis Academy Hunt in Singapore, you will scratch your head while deciding which academy to choose. You will be paying for tennis classes so it should be worth the money. Here are a few pro tips which will help you in selecting the right Tennis Academy in Singapore

  • A tennis academy should have STA certified Singapore Tennis Coach. 
  • Tennis lessons should be adjustable according to your needs.
  • Should have lessons for all level players
  • They should be equipped with tennis equipment and a tennis court.
  • Look for online reviews about the academy and ask fellow tennis players.

Why Should You Choose TM Tennis Academy?

Among the sterling tennis academies in Singapore, TM Tennis Academy is note-worthy. It is integrated with all the essentials for an ideal tennis academy. This Tennis Academy in Singapore is founded by professional tennis players, aiming to provide top-notch tennis skills. T.M Tennis Academy Singaporhas an edge because:

  • They are equipped with certified and experienced Tennis Coaches
  • It is economical with more incredible options.
  • Provide diverse coaching plans to cater to personal preferences
  • High-Yielding tennis drills
  • Unmatched skilled female coaches
  • Training classes for Kids
  • Exclusive retail offers for students and Singapore tennis coaches

Transformational Tennis Classes at T.M. Academy:

When it comes to the variety of tennis classes, T.M. Tennis Academy Singapore is unmatched. It provides a distinctive range of tennis classes which you can choose and customize according to your needs. A competent Singapore Tennis Coach delivers each tennis class to ensure quality learning. Here are some of the enticing types of tennis classes.

  1. Private Tennis Classes:

Private tennis classes are designed for players who want one-on-one training. Singapore Tennis Coach will assess players’ weak points and craft effective training drills to master tennis shots. T.M. Tennis Academy Singapore provides free initial private classes to experience professional training before enrolling for regular lessons with flexible timings.

  1. Pair Tennis Classes:

You can pair up with your buddy for tennis classes at T.M. Tennis Academy Singapore. It is a more interactive and fun way to improve tennis skills and social relations. Pair tennis classes will help you experience rally drills. 

  1. Group Tennis Classes:

You can indulge in this beautiful sport with your family through Group tennis classes. T.M. Tennis Academy Singapore provides weekly group classes that serve as a perfect gathering for social bonding and physical fitness.

  1. Kids Tennis Classes:

Instead of letting your kids waste their summer holidays over Netflix, you can make them learn a healthy skillset that will help them in their life. Learning Tennis at an early age has enormous benefits. Also, it increases the chances of becoming a professional tennis player due to a strong foundation at an early age. T.M. Tennis Academy Singapore maps out tennis training drills exclusively for kids, teaching in the most comforting environment.

Girl Playing Tennis
  1. Cooperate Tennis Classes:

Do you want to freshen up your employees from a consistent workload? You can plan out a trip for your employees at T.M. Tennis Academy for cooperating tennis classes. It will help them in bonding for better business performance.

Unmatched Singapore Tennis Coaches:

T.M. Tennis Academy has the finest Tennis Coach Singapore. These tennis coaches are powerhouses of effective tennis drills. We have seen many success stories emerging from T.M. Tennis Academy Singapore with their expertise. These tennis coaches are dedicated to teaching the passion for Tennis they possess. The undivided attention of tennis coaches focuses on creating strong footwork, hand-eye coordination, and enabling mental toughness in their students.

T.M. Tennis Academy Certifications:

Because of excellent training and success stories, T.M. Tennis Academy Singapore has attained a powerful position in the tennis academy world. It has won certifications like: 

  • USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association)
  • AATC (Australian Academy of Tennis Coaches)
  • PTR (Professional Tennis Registry)
  • NCAP (National Coaching Accreditation Program)

Get in Touch:

Other than tennis classes, the academy provides excellent customer support service. To enquire about any course, you are just a message away. You can contact through their WhatsApp number available on the website or inquire through email. They are actively present on social media platforms showcasing their day-to-day tennis activities for inspiration. 

Wrapping Up: T.M. Tennis Academy is your go-to place when it comes to Tennis. Their dedicated team is packed with value, respect, and tennis skills, ensuring you have a memorable time during learning. Tennis will refine your physical strength and give you a greater perspective on a healthy lifestyle. 

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