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Tennis has recently gained popularity among people due to its enormous benefits. The tennis game was earlier known as Lawn Tennis. It originated in France in the 11th century as ‘’Jeu De Paume”. Later re-designed in England around the 1870s. Ever since then, it has taken by storm to the corners of the world. 

Modern-day tennis is founded by none other than Major Walton Clopton Wingfield. “Book of Rules” was published by him. This book introduced the redesigned tennis game and rules for its beginners. 

Interesting Facts about Tennis:

We all are pretty much familiar with tennis. Some take it as a profession while others just play in their leisure time. Here are some interesting facts about Tennis that will make you love this sport all over again! 

  • Playing Tennis with Hand Palm:

Tennis was not always played with Rackets. If not rackets, then what? HAND PALM. surprising, isn’t it? People used their palms to hit the ball over the net. Ouch! That must hurt. So glad rackets are used now. 

  • The Longest Tennis Match:

The longest tennis match lasted for 11 hours and 5 minutes. The players were John Isner and Nicolas Mahut. After a long tiring match, John Isner finally won the match. 

  • White Tennis Ball:

Did you know, tennis balls used to be white. Later, yellow tennis balls were introduced in 1986. Yellow balls were introduced because it was considered easier for the audience to follow on TV. 

Tennis and Female Players:

Female Tennis Coach Singapore

In these modern times, sports are not gender-restricted. The concept of ‘feminine sports’ is becoming obsolete. Unlike before, females are contributing more towards sports. And building their names at the national and international levels. We have seen more female participation at Olympics every year. 

Similarly, Tennis is also popular among females. Some excel to the state of worldwide glory. We can never forget Venus and Serena Williams, the first sisters who became Olympic gold medalists in tennis. If you are a female, looking for inspiration, they are your role models. 

TM Tennis Academy:

As females are also showing interest in tennis, female tennis coaches are also in demand now. Luckily in Singapore, TM Tennis Academy provides certified and professional female tennis coaches. TM Tennis Academy is equipped with full-time tennis coaches who are dedicated to providing world-class tennis lessons. TM can offer classes tailored according to your needs. From basic to pro! 

TM Tennis Academy vision:

Singapore-based TM Tennis Academy is certified by STA (Singapore Tennis Association). Its Head Coach, Bryan Leong defines its vision as 

‘’Our proven Tennis teaching system focuses on having solid fundamentals based on strokes, footwork, and work ethic. We strongly believe in inculcating good habits in the early stage of learning which is essential to achieve a high level of performance in tennis.’’ 

What’s in for you at TM Tennis Academy?

You must be wondering why choose us? Here is why:

  • Certified and professional Coaches
  • Diverse training programs according to need
  • Provides training equipment and court bookings
  • Exclusive retail offers for students and coaches
  • career opportunities to join our team
  • Affordable lessons
  • Flexible timings
  • Suitable for all ages and gender
  • Tennis Training Drills

TM Tennis Academy Female Coach:

Are you a beginner at tennis? Not so comfortable to come out of your comfort zone with a male coach? Don’t worry, TM Tennis Academy respects and values personal preferences. Our Academy has skilled female coaches who will assist you in your tennis journey. 

Tennis training drills are designed for female tennis players accordingly. Some of the basic training drills are mentioned below:

  • Warm-Up:

First things first, you need to get your body flow right. It will prepare your body and mind for upcoming physical exertion. You can do stretching, jumping jacks, or simply just dance to a song! It will increase your body core’s temperature and help your muscles to play at best.

  • Dribbling: 

If you are a complete beginner, you need to practice your hand-eye coordination. Take your racket in your dominant hand, dribble the tennis ball at the same place as long as you can. It will also help you in improving your focus. 

  • Strengthening Drills:

Those who play tennis know how much muscle strength is used. It takes up a lot of energy of your shoulders and arms when the game is on. You can try muscle strengthening exercises to avoid any injury or pain in the future. Try to throw a ball on the wall with full strength, gradually increasing the ball size to improve muscle strength. 

Other than these, more drills vary for beginners, intermediate to pro-level players. The goal of the drill is to increase focus, cope with fatigue, improve movement, know your weak points, and more. 

Some other types of training classes:

TS Training Academy offers a vast range of classes suitable for all. 

  • Private Lessons
  • Pair Lessons
  • Corporate Lessons
  •  Kids Tennis lessons
  • Group Tennis Lessons

TM Tennis Academy Reviews: 

Want to know from our real-time students? Based on 40 google reviews, we have got a 5 out of 5 stars! Our coaches have helped people to become more skilled, confident and improve their lifestyles. The love and support we get from our students motivate us to work even finer.  Here are some of our reviews:

  • “Highly recommended. Coaches can pinpoint even a minor technical flaw in your strokes and correct you on the spot. Drills given by the coach were replicating specific parts of a tennis point. Felt more confident in my match play.” -LUIZA
  • “Coach Darryl is a highly passionate and motivated coach. You can feel that he sincerely wants the best out of his students when he is in the court.” -LUCUS
  • “Bryan is good too with kids. All the kids in the group love his lesson and look forward to his lesson every week -GRACE, PARENT


TM Tennis Academy Singapore is the answer to all your tennis worries. You want to learn from scratch or improve your existing skills to the national level, we have got it all! Our finest tennis coaches provided absolute attention at a personal level to make sure your needs are catered to. We envision not only improving your physical skills but also having a sound mind and body. With us, you will have a lifetime experience.

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