TM Tennis Academy

TM Tennis Academy

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No matter how fast we get in our life, some things always remain constant, the importance of a healthy mind and body. Globalization has benefitted us but also created some adversaries. Luxurious life, machine-based work, have led to our physical health issues. Thanks to media and health experts, physical issues are addressed in the best possible manner. Through the channels of media, strong persuasive messages are delivered among the masses, creating awareness about health issues and their solutions. 

Our generation is screen addicts, dependent upon automation, hence become lazy and unfit. Fortunately, people are now concerned about their health as it is affecting their self-esteem and life quality. Many people are opting for a healthy diet and exercise. Sports also became a popular way of maintaining a healthy life. Mainstream and social media has promoted sports like cricket, basketball, baseball, tennis, swimming. Any kind of sports can be a single dose to deal with obesity, depression, strengthening immunity, and mental health. 

According to the Ministry of Health, 36.2% of Singaporeans are overweight. Age ranged from 18-to 69. Luckily, sports like tennis is gaining popularity. Locals search for tennis courts, lessons, and coaches. Looking for a certified tennis academy? TM Tennis Academy is your answer. 

TM Tennis Academy:

TM is a Singaporean-based tennis academy providing international-level tennis training. TM Singapore tennis coaches are certified by STA (Singapore Tennis Association). TM Tennis Academy envisions upgrading tennis skills and sportsman spirit among the locals. So much so that Singaporeans can complete at the international level in full swing. 

What makes TM Tennis Academy stand out is because of the following reasons:

  • Professional & Certified Coaches:

 We got the bests of the best! Our Coaches help to build strong learning foundations so you can get a good grip on your talent. You can count on our tennis coaches for undivided attention and dedication to your learning. 

  •  Affordability:

 Learning from TM Tennis Academy won’t cost you an arm or a leg. Our charges vary from the type of tennis lesson plans but there is something for everyone. 

  •  Female Tennis Coach: 

If you prefer a female tennis coach, we got them too! We believe sports are free of gender. Both males and females can excel in tennis with our tennis coaches. 

  • Custom Tennis Lesson Plans:

 You can opt for lessons according to your ease. There are different packages from which you can choose. You can choose from the following according to your needs.

  Are you a beginner or want to improve your existing tennis skills at a deeper level? TM Tennis Academy offers you private or personalized classes according to your need. This training academy is all about polishing your talent to the max! These one-to-one classes are tailored according to your preference. We will also provide you with training equipment and tennis court booking. Through private tennis classes, the coach will focus on your weak points. He will help you build a strong foundation for sports spirit.  You can get a personalized training plan with flexible training time. 

 Don’t want to learn alone? Bring along a friend, spouse, or sibling and add more fun to your training. It will add a friendlier environment to your comfort.

  •  Group Tennis Lessons: 

 Group tennis lessons are a great opportunity for you to learn more about other tennis players. You can get social and learn other’s strengths and weak points. It will strengthen teamwork. You can join our weekly tennis group classes.

  • Kids Tennis Lessons:

 TM Tennis Academy provides lessons for all ages and gender. Our Academy does not ignore the benefits of learning sports at a young age. Kids Tennis lessons are tailored according to a child’s learning capability and strength.  Your child will not only learn tennis but also strong personal attributes, helping them to build a better life. There are not just physical benefits but emotional and intellectual benefits as well. Tennis will teach your child discipline, teamwork, self-confidence, social skills, and more.

  • Corporate Tennis Lessons: 

Too tired with a 9 to 5 office routine? Running out of corporate activity ideas? TM Tennis Academy your stop! Guess what! You can get to play tennis with your colleagues with us. Corporate team activities are a great way to provide value along with fun to work fellows. It will build a stronger bond, eventually enhancing their work output. Now, who doesn’t want that!

Still Not sure why choose tennis? 

At the beginner level, we understand why you are confused to choose tennis. Questions like is it worth it? What is it in for me? Will I be able to manage time? And the list goes on. 

Learning tennis is not just about fun or an extracurricular activity. It is an investment in your strength and personality that will always give you off well. You need a push to start your journey towards a better version of yourself. We are here, dedicated to bringing out the best of you. Taking an hour class of tennis will inculcate a lifetime experience of betterment. Play and grow with us!


TM Tennis Academy Singapore is your go-to place when it comes to learning and growing. We aim to inspire and promote tennis in our community. Join us and be become a tennis expert good enough to compete at higher-level competitions. You won’t regret your decision. 

Champions keep playing until they get it right.

’Billie Jean King’

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