Top 5 Private Tennis Lesson Academy in Singapore

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Everyone wants to be fit and healthy. To maintain that fitness, people take part in many different activities. Some people go to the gym, and some like to play football or jog in the morning or evening. Tennis is a sport that not only keeps you active but also elevates sport spirits in you. It makes your muscles strong and increases your stamina. There are many tennis academy in Singapore that provide tennis learning opportunities. If you are looking to find the top tennis academy in Singapore, we got it all layed out for you.

Tennis Academy in Singapore:

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From beginners to professional level, to learn tennis, you will first start off by looking for a tennis academy in Singapore. All tennis coachs in Singapore must be certified by Singapore Tennis Association (STA). Some of these academies have the best tennis coaches in Singapore. They train you in all aspects of the sport, strokes, trick shots, and game plans.

Top 5 Private Tennis Lesson Academy in Singapore:

There are several tennis academies in Singapore. Here are the top five tennis academies. All of these academies provides online booking on confirmation of tennis lessons. You can either choose to pay separately for each individual class or choose to purchase a training package with them. Due to pandemics, group tennis lessons are temporary not available.

1: TM Tennis Academy:

The best place for private tennis lessons in Singapore is the TM tennis academy. A place where you can start with zero knowledge of tennis. They have a lot of experience in introducing tennis sports to newcomers.


Without the best coaches, you will have a very hard time learning the sport. A good tennis coach knows how to polish a hidden gamer and turn him or her into a player.

Here at TM Tennis Academy, you will find some of the best Tennis coaches in Singapore. You can learn the fundamentals of tennis strokes from STA-certified coaches. They help you to pick up sport right from ground zero.


•            Don’t worry about age and gender. Tennis classes specially designed tailored for all age groups

•            A wide range of tennis drills programs

•            Tennis learning modules for beginners to advance

•            Friendly learning environment for kids and adults

•            Master all the different tennis strokes and techniques

2: SITA Tennis Academy:

SITA tennis academy is one of the best academies for tennis learning. They provide learning to achieve international goals. If you are seeking to get admission to the U.S tennis championships, join the SITA tennis academy. Some of the best points in this academy are:


SITA tennis academy has some internationally renowned ex-ATP experts. These coaches know how to tune a person into professional playing. Training from these coaches allows you to learn every hidden trick of tennis.

Other advantages:

•            SITA academy provides tennis lessons for not only adults but also for kids.

•            The timing and schedule are so flexible that anyone willing can enroll according to their free time.

•            Fees of each program are based on per hour and the hourly rate is slightly higher as compared to the rest of the academy

•            It is for those who want to represent their country at the international level.

•            They provide a high-class learning environment for players.

3: Tanglin Academy Singapore:

tanglin academy
Photo Credit: Tanglin Academy Singapore

Tanglin academy for tennis is famous for its friendly and growing environment. They design programs here specifically for juniors and casually for adults.


They have child-friendly coaches who teach tennis techniques. They keep the game on the fun side and create a relaxing environment. They also help in the best community development.


•            This academy has the most number of tennis courts.

•            If you want to take your child to the international junior tennis championship level, Tanglin Academy is the best choice.

•            They keep the environment Cosy and comfy for the kids.

•            They develop not only the playing skills but also the behaviors of your tots.

•            Pour their efforts to give mental strength to not only young ones but also adults.

•            They prefer life skills and learning over medals and certificates.

•            They also have tennis lessons for adults.

4: SAVITAR Tennis Centre:

It is the best academy in terms of teaching tennis, safety, coaches, and environment. If you want to learn tennis from trained coaches on a professional point, then the SAVITAR tennis center is the place.


Without the proper guidance of coaches, you cannot achieve your goals. SAVITAR tennis center has the best tennis coaches in Singapore. They tune your skills to make you ready for world-class tennis play.


•            They provide both private and group lessons.

•            They organize special corporate workshops for different banks, Facebook, Sony, BNP, Exxon, etc.

•            Provides an opportunity for employees of different companies to mingle and develop a good working environment.

•            They are following all the SOPs of pandemics and have followed all safety measures.

•            They have different programs for different age groups.

•            For already skilled players, they provide opportunities to play in different events.

•            Their rates are affordable.

5: Junboys Tennis:

Junboys Tennis center is trying hard to raise the level of tennis play in Singapore. Management at Junboys is keen to work on strategies, footwork, and skill development.


Coaches in Junboys Tennis work on the skill set of each individual privately. They work on footwork and techniques. Their primary focus is on the behavior and mentality of players so that they can understand the game strategies.


•            Provide customize training

•            You can learn privately or in groups.

•            Flexible days and timings that suit you.

•            Skill assessment before teaching.

•            Focus on one technique in one class.

•            Environment for all group ages.

•            Different drills and activities to make your body flexible.


Regardless of whether are you learning tennis for casual play or professional level, above are the top 5  best tennis academies in Singapore. They focus on the individual player and their skills level. Take a maximum of 3 to 4 people per session to maintain quality. TM Tennis Academy is the best as they have a better pocket-friendly rate as compared to the rest of the academy and they have a lot of positive players reviews. You can learn singles, doubles and many different modes of playing tennis. So, why don’t you try and TM Tennis Academy?

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