Learn How To Increase Your Speed On The Tennis Court

Learn How To Increase Your Speed On The Tennis Court

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Tennis can be a tiring sport, as a lot of force and bodywork is required while playing. Players face various troubles, ranging from injuries to fatigue that can further result in slowing down their performances. Therefore, whether you are a beginner or a player in the post-recovery stage, several exercises can help you increase your speed on the court. If you join any coaching centre and come across a Singapore tennis coach, the first thing you will get to learn will be these aided tips to increase speed, since the inception.To know how, keep reading this blog post! But before that, let us understand a few facts related to playing Tennis and your health.

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  1. Genetics & Speed

The ability of your body to move faster might be heavily influenced by your genetics. Many athletes are gifted with genetic makeup and can compete with anyone regardless of age barriers. Your genetic code determines many of your body’s capabilities. Keep in mind that training can help you maximize your genetic potential.

However, regardless of genetics, you can always improve your foot speed and hand-eye coordination with the right training. One should keep in mind that the tiniest change in speed might be the difference between returning a serve and completely missing it. 

  1. Reaction time and hand-eye coordination

Tennis is a game where speed plays a vital role. A player who needs to increase his/her speed, must improve their hand-eye coordination and reaction time. As many sprinters are aware, your ability to react to the gun has a significant impact on your sprint speed. For instance, milliseconds in sprints can turn the tables and change the results. Tennis, on the other hand, is a skill sport where reaction time and hand-eye coordination are most important. If you are not the fastest athlete, you will need to improve it.

  1. Difference between speed and reaction time

Your body’s capacity to move in a specific direction is known as reaction time. If the opponent throws a ball towards you, the reaction time is the amount of time you spend figuring out which direction your body needs to be moved. Whereas, speed is how quickly your body moves across the court to a particular position. 

  1. Workout advice for players

Drills that stress both reaction time and speed are always recommended. Practice emphasizes foot quickness and lateral movement across the court. Make sure you perform complete focused drills and 1 – 2 response time-based drills. Before beginning any sport-specific activities, make sure you do not skip the warm-up exercises. Now let us get to some of the vital exercises that can help you increase your speed.

Exercises That Help You Increase Your Speed

Players must be able to get to every ball to win a match, which necessitates good speed. To improve your speed on the tennis court, you can practice a variety of conditioning workouts. Some of the examples are:

  1. Shuttle sprints

Shuttle sprints help in building endurance and teach the players how to shift directions rapidly. The players must sprint from one court line to the next and return in shuttle sprints. They must run these lines at maximum speed at first, and then gradually increase their distance as the workout progresses. Start with a doubles sideline on one side of the court while running a shuttle sprint, followed by sprinting to the next court line that is in front of you. Return to the doubles sideline. 

Start running to the center service line and back. After that move to the opposite to singles sideline and back. At last, move to the opposing doubles sideline and back, completing the sprinting exercise.

  1. Ball throws

Ball throws help you improve your reaction time and footwork, making you get the balls when you are not in the position or ready. Tennis ball throws necessitate the presence of a partner, so bring a companion and a basket of balls. In the beginning, close your eyes to the baseline. Ask someone to throw a ball, and as the ball bounces, ask them to tell you to open up your eyes. Run towards it as soon as you see it bounce, anticipating swinging your racket to build contact with the ball, where the plan is to send it back.

  1. Ladder drills

Ladder drills help in developing faster steps and footwork. For this, a rope ladder or a fabric ladder – the type used for sports practice is required. Put the ladder on the ground. Stepping one foot into each square, begin at one end. Repeat the drill, this time walking two feet into each square. These can be done if you move the ladders sideways and put one foot in each or by diagonally traveling across.

  1. Run the court

The tennis court is an excellent place to do running fitness routines. Run conditioning drills with the lines to be acclimated to moving about it comfortably. You can begin with the baseline, then towards the net, shuffle sideways. After reaching, return to the starting point. Shuffle back and forth, until you reach the starting point. 

So these were some of the exercises to speeden up on the tennis court.

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