How to choose the Right Tennis Coach

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Tennis has unraveled some compelling benefits on physical health and cognitive abilities. The increased importance of fitness has encouraged people to look for suitable sports to maintain a healthy life. Tennis is among popular racket sports, a fun-loving game involving entire body and mind workouts. There are multiple ways to learn Tennis. You can find all the how-to tutorials on Tennis learning. Some learn efficiently just through the great internet. But some might require one-on-one training to master tennis skills. 

Why do you need a Tennis Coach?

Certified Tennis Coaches in Singapore can enable you to unlock your sports spirit. There are various reasons which can make you consider learning from a private tennis coach. In Singapore, numerous academies offer world-class tennis training like TM Tennis Academy. You should consider taking private tennis lessons if:

  • You want to become a professional Tennis player
  • Not comfortable in learning with a group
  • To maintain physical health and socialize
  • To make your children build a strong foundation for sports early. 
  • Not able to learn from the internet

What to look for in a Tennis Coach?

Whatever reason you have decided to learn from a tennis coach, you must select the best one. You are investing your time, money, and energy in learning Tennis. It should be worth it. To make your Tennis Coach selection more accessible, we are about to reveal the ultimate checklist. Let’s get straight into it.

  • Qualifications and Certifications:

 A private tennis coach should have essential qualifications and a valid certification according to a national standard. To become a certified tennis coach in Singaporea candidate must acquire a certificate from STA (Singapore Tennis Association). These certificates are endorsed by ITF (International Tennis Federation). 

  • Experience in the Field:

Years of experience can add value to tennis coach skills. Ask for past experiences in the field for more authenticity and credibility of the coach—years of experience matter, but not more than the kind of experience.

  • Operative Teaching Methodology:

One cannot stress enough the importance of a good educator. Teaching does not mean telling about rules and how to hit the ball. It is about maximizing learning abilities and turning potential talent into desired actions. Every student’s learning ability is different. He should identify and tailor his private tennis lessons accordingly. 

  • Effective Communication Skills:

tennis coach should have strong communication skills to deliver tennis lessons, teaching effectively. Communicating also requires being a good listener. He should create a comfortable connection with students to efficiently discuss weak points and concerns. A student will make mistakes during the learning process. Constructive criticism can be used for skill improvement. Players can also face nervousness before the match. He should help his students overcome anxiety, teach relaxing exercises and acquire mental toughness. 

  • Personality Traits:

Being a sports coach means having a particular discipline, fitness, and aura. A tennis coach should have exceptional patience and temper control. Some coaches have strong personalities that will feel their worth by meeting them for the first time. 

TM Tennis Academy | Private Tennis Lesson
  • Flexibility to adopt New Techniques:

A tennis coach should be creative and willing to adopt new methods to improve tennis learning. If he used traditional teaching methods, you might not learn the latest techniques. He should be flexible in accepting changes in the learning techniques. 

  • Process-Oriented Approach:

A competent tennis coach should have a process-oriented approach. He should consciously focus on small steps that can help a beginner tennis player become a pro. Being hasty in completing tennis lessons will do no good in learning. A good coach will not move to the next shot until you get hold of the current task. If a coach promises you quick success, that can be a bummer! It takes time, practice, consistency, and extreme patience.

  • Choosing the Right Academy:

Academies like TM Tennis Academy have reliable and skilled private tennis coaches. Do your research and see where you feel more comfortable. A tennis academy should have necessary tennis equipment, flexible hours, and court premises. A well-reputed academy will help you gain more experience than just learning Tennis. You will socialize with other tennis fellows and grow with them. 

  • Take Trail Classes:

Ask for free-trial classes before enrolling yourself. Initial discussions with the coach will help you learn about his attitude. Also, discuss the results you are expecting and how he can help you achieve your desired goals. Ask about qualifications, course durations, and see success stories. During trial classes, observe teaching lessons, communication effectiveness, and your comfort level created. Ask questions during the study to see if he supports questioning to learn better. He should be punctual and innovative in his lessons. This is helpful in decision-making, ensuring that you are paying for the right private coach. 

  • Look for Reviews:

Do a little google about the specific coach you are considering learning from. Go through different reviews and see people’s learning experiences. Interact with them and know about the quality of lessons, experience in learning difficult shots, and comfort level. If the results seem promising, go ahead to learn some great smashes! 


A well-versed Private Tennis Coach in Singapore should possess the essential traits to deliver quality private tennis lessons. Choose a coach who has undertaken relevant education, has the technical knowledge, a firm grip on the game, and shows his Tennis passion through his actions. A capable tennis coach not only teaches you about Tennis, but he also teaches you life skills.

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