Adult Tennis Lessons Singapore

Adult Tennis Lessons Singapore TM Tennis Academy

The TM Tennis Academy offers adult tennis lessons for both first-timers and skilled tennis players in Singapore who wish to upgrade their tennis skills and soar to new heights. You would be happy to know that we also offer tennis lessons for tennis professionals who are on a hunt for finding a partner who is as skilled and professional as they are.

Adult Tennis lessons are different from tennis lessons for juniors or beginners. Adult tennis lessons are usually designed to polish what you already know or about the sport, unless you are a clean slate beginner.

At the TM Tennis academy, we ensure that the adult tennis lesson begins with the student and the coach playing points to discover where the player stands, and which area has to be worked upon. Both the player and the coach will then strive to identify the solution to the identified problems, and strive hard to work it out with combined stroke work.

We at the TM Tennis Academy take into consideration that adults are not usually as active and fit as kids, so we make sure that the adult tennis lessons incorporate an adequate warmup session, breaks during sessions and a post-workout routine to ease muscles.

We recommend you to discuss your goals for the tennis lessons with your coach, so that an appropriate plan can be designed for you to meet all of your goals.

We have the best and the most qualified coaches at the TM Tennis Academy, who would make your learning experience the best one.

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