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Adult tennis lessons near me – If you are on a hunt for adult tennis lessons in Singapore for yourself or someone you know who is interested in learning  the basics of tennis, or are you a skilled tennis player who is determined to up their tennis skills to a higher, or a superlative level? Then look no where else, as you have landed at the right page. Dive in to find out more about adult tennis lessons near you.


The TM Tennis Academy has comprehensively structured adult tennis lessons to both let you learn this new sport, and to allow you to explore your capabilities so that you can master your skills and take your game to a new, unprecedented height.


There are two kinds of Adult Tennis lessons being offered in Singapore; private adult tennis lessons and group adult tennis lessons respectively.

Private adult tennis lessons are for the ones who like their own company and perform better in solitude. Such lessons can be arranged according to schedule. The location can be decided mutually, and your coach’s individual attention will help you in learning better and faster.


On the other hand, group adult tennis lessons are suitable for those who like to learn with other people, and deliver better performance in groups.

The TM Tennis Academy offers a great learning environment which makes your learning experience worth remembering.  Our prime focus will be to make your experience enjoyable, so that you don’t find learning this new skill a daunting or boring task.


We assure you that you will gain an immaculate foundation to master your tennis skills.

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